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Review - Before You Start

The Champaign Unit 4 Schools of Choice (SCC) plan gives parents of all students the opportunity to apply for admission to a variety of elementary and middle schools. The District recognizes that choosing a school is an important decision, and there are many factors to consider. Please review the Choice info sheets (Coming Soon) and in the documents menu on the right for more information.


  • Offers parents and students stability in their school assignment
  • Promotes school improvement in all schools
  • Reduces the need for involuntary busing
  • Promotes diversity in all schools
  • Allows the district to optimize class size at each building

How to participate

Research the school that's best for you and your child. Consider the proximity and the waiting list when researching.

During the registration period, parents need to download the application form (Form Coming Soon) and drop it off at Family Information Center.

  • Parents of incoming kindergarten students will need to select five school choices. Parents are encouraged to rank all 12 elementary schools to reduce their chances of receiving an assignment pending status in the event they don't receive one of their top choices. Last year, 85% of families received their first choice and 94.2% received one of their top five choices.
  • Parents of students who wish to request a transfer will follow the same steps during the transfer period.

After you register, you'll need to wait a bit to see how the assignment process plays out. While we'd love to guarantee your applied for school is the one your child will attend, we cannot.

Our Schools:

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School Feeder Patterns

Elementary School students promote to the following Middle Schools.

Champaign Feeder Schools